Energy Transition

Achieving the climate goals requires a large-scale energy transition

Abandoning fossil fuels and moving towards renewable and emission-free forms of energy is central to the green transition. Energy transition means building a sustainable energy system. This requires strong and flexible energy networks that enable sector coupling, i.e. the connection of different forms of energy to each other and to the structures of society.

We support the energy sector and various industries in achieving carbon neutrality. We help our customers develop sustainable fuels, emission-free electricity, and heat production solutions. We accelerate the energy revolution by supporting the electrification of transport, the production and storage of renewable energy, and the business ecosystems that promote them. We are a pioneer in the field of offshore wind power and hydrogen economy.

As experts in the energy industry, we help our customers make future-proof energy transitions and clean energy-based business.

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person in brown coat and black pants standing on gray concrete road during daytime

City of Salo

The City of Salo's Climate and Environment Programme (2021-2025) promotes sustainability in everything the city does and in its management. Gaia's experts tailored a series of training sessions for the management of the city's key services and group companies, integrating the climate and environment programme into their day-to-day management work. The six-month training cycle took place during 2023.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd

The strategic objective of urban transport is to lead the way in developing a carbon neutral infrastructure and transport service sector. This ambitious vision is already reflected in concrete procurement and construction projects.


The telecommunications group DNA actively strives to reduce the climate impacts of its business. Gaia's experts have been walking side by side for more than 10 years, and the common sky continues towards a carbon-neutral future.
Hiilineutraali energia lämmittää tulevaisuudessa

Helen Oy

Energy company Helen provides electricity nationwide and is responsible for supplying the district heating needed by the City of Helsinki. They share a carbon neutrality target with the city and are seeking to achieve it by utilizing waste and environmental heat, bioenergy, a smart district heating system and hydrogen technology, among other things.