Biodiversity is a prerequisite for human life

Biodiversity means the richness of both species and habitats living on Earth. It is also a prerequisite for human existence. All businesses and societies depend on the biological regulatory and productive services provided by nature’s diversity. Deforestation endangers the continuity of these ecosystem services and thus, for example, the continuity of business opportunities. Stopping the loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.

Biodiversity is a new, emerging theme for the economic system, and its importance as a critical capital to be protected has only recently been recognised. Taking biodiversity into account is not only a matter of risk management for companies, but also offers new business opportunities.

As companies embark on the sustainable management of natural capital, it is predicted that there will be a significant nature-positive shift in the market that will challenge the business models of all companies. Together with our customers, we identify risks and opportunities and help create value with nature-positive business.

Examples of our services in this area: business strategies, road maps and business models that take into account the nature-positive transition, analyses and calculations of nature effects, dependencies and risks, and ecological compensation reports. In addition, we offer target reviews and plans to promote biodiversity.

Other susformation themes

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person in brown coat and black pants standing on gray concrete road during daytime

City of Salo

The City of Salo's Climate and Environment Programme (2021-2025) promotes sustainability in everything the city does and in its management. Gaia's experts tailored a series of training sessions for the management of the city's key services and group companies, integrating the climate and environment programme into their day-to-day management work. The six-month training cycle took place during 2023.
turku science park

Turku Science Park

A circular economy roadmap and the operating principles of the cooperation forum were created for Turku Science Park through co-creation. Turku Science Park, located in the rapidly developing Kupittaa area, is an international centre of expertise that creates a unique framework and opportunities for increasing circular economy expertise.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd

The strategic objective of urban transport is to lead the way in developing a carbon neutral infrastructure and transport service sector. This ambitious vision is already reflected in concrete procurement and construction projects.

Framery Oy

Framery is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of soundproof workspaces. The company also leads the way in its industry and communicates openly about the environmental impact of its products.