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We are a consultancy for sustainable business, supporting organisations in the green transition towards responsible growth. Our customers are changemakers who create a more sustainable future.


SusTainability + Transformation

For organisations to successfully navigate through the green transition, and thrive while at it, they must go through a sustainable transformation — we call it susformation.

Insights on a more sustainable future


A sustainable future is ours to form

News 16.02.2024

Susformation requires a wide range of new skills – Gaia and Aalto EE have started a collaboration

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Foresight shapes our collective future


EU’s Green Claims to end greenwashing — how to highlight sustainability measures in the future?

Silvia Forin Green Claims

Our clients make the world cleaner and safer

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City of Salo

The City of Salo's Climate and Environment Programme (2021-2025) promotes sustainability in everything the city does and in its management. Gaia's experts tailored a series of training sessions for the management of the city's key services and group companies, integrating the climate and environment programme into their day-to-day management work. The six-month training cycle took place during 2023.
turku science park

Turku Science Park

A circular economy roadmap and the operating principles of the cooperation forum were created for Turku Science Park through co-creation. Turku Science Park, located in the rapidly developing Kupittaa area, is an international centre of expertise that creates a unique framework and opportunities for increasing circular economy expertise.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd

The strategic objective of urban transport is to lead the way in developing a carbon neutral infrastructure and transport service sector. This ambitious vision is already reflected in concrete procurement and construction projects.

Framery Oy

Framery is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of soundproof workspaces. The company also leads the way in its industry and communicates openly about the environmental impact of its products.

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