Circular Economy

Circular economy as a solution to the climate and biodiversity crisis

We are currently consuming natural resources beyond the earth’s carrying capacity. Resource scarcity is already visible in higher business costs and threatens the availability of raw materials in the future. A circular economy, where raw materials and resources stay in value chains for as long as possible, is a central key to the green transition and the climate and biodiversity crisis. Circular economy offers companies, municipalities and states opportunities for resource efficiency and new value creation – in addition to social and ecological benefits.

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The change from a linear economic model to a circular economy requires new business models. We help to identify the possibilities of transitioning to a circular economy and to develop a new business based on it. We support the concept development of business models based on circular economy, as well as the commercialisation of innovations that promote them. We help develop processes that support the circular economy, minimize the amount of waste generated from operations, and increase resource efficiency.

Examples of our services: circular economy strategies and business models, circular economy guidelines, commercialisation of circular economy innovations, material flow analyses, circular economy potential and market analyses, development of maintenance, repair and recycling service concepts.

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City of Salo

The City of Salo's Climate and Environment Programme (2021-2025) promotes sustainability in everything the city does and in its management. Gaia's experts tailored a series of training sessions for the management of the city's key services and group companies, integrating the climate and environment programme into their day-to-day management work. The six-month training cycle took place during 2023.
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Turku Science Park

A circular economy roadmap and the operating principles of the cooperation forum were created for Turku Science Park through co-creation. Turku Science Park, located in the rapidly developing Kupittaa area, is an international centre of expertise that creates a unique framework and opportunities for increasing circular economy expertise.

Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd

The strategic objective of urban transport is to lead the way in developing a carbon neutral infrastructure and transport service sector. This ambitious vision is already reflected in concrete procurement and construction projects.

Framery Oy

Framery is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of soundproof workspaces. The company also leads the way in its industry and communicates openly about the environmental impact of its products.