luontopositiivisuus piia pessala

Piia Pessala

Areas of expertise

Corporate Sustainability & ESG, Resources, Biodiversity, HSEQ, Risk Assessment and Management

“I have always wanted to ease the burden we humans place on the environment. As a student I found my way into the field of ecotoxicology, and my PhD focused on new methods to identify and characterize toxicity causing components in treated waste waters.

Subsequently my love of nature led me to Gaia, and after 15 years of experience in management consultancy, I’ve become a sustainability maker that loves to help businesses on their path towards sustainability. To make sustainability feasible, social and economic aspects need to be considered alongside environmental issues.

Mitigating biodiversity loss, alleviating resource scarcity, and fighting climate change are at the heart of my work. At Gaia, I am thrilled about finding ways to solve these problems by, e.g., fostering circularity. And in my personal life, I do my best to make the most sustainable choices.”

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