Tuukka Rautiainen

Areas of expertise

Energy Markets & Networks, Utility ICT Systems, Renewable Energy, Regulation, Carbon Neutrality

“The ongoing transition of the energy markets is a remarkable opportunity to challenge old assumptions by embracing technology and innovation. At Gaia, I feel that I can be at the forefront of this change by helping our customers to achieve a brighter, cleaner and safer future.

For me every change is a chance to improve. Maybe that’s why all my previous positions have been filled with development and innovation activities. I love to create new concepts, experiment new things and go the extra mile to achieve something novel.

I have a strong background with utilities and I’ve seen the companies’ struggle and pressure to transform their business logics and mindsets. With a proactive attitude my goal is to encourage and guide the industry into a more sustainable and competitive future.”

+358 50 529 4184