Sustainable & Vibrant Urban Development

Cities are the solution to a sustainable future

Urbanisation is a global megatrend – in 2050, more than 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. Cities consume significant amounts of energy and natural resources, and they also produce a significant part of humanity’s emissions and waste. However, there is also a solution in cities, as they serve as platforms for sustainable business development, education, research, innovation and cooperation that spans across different levels of society. To enable sustainable everyday life, cities must be planned and built in accordance with sustainable development. Sustainable urban development takes ecological, social and economic aspects into account, which increases the effectiveness and vitality of cities.

We support sustainable regional development, the sustainability work of municipalities and help build future-proof cities. We act as a bridge builder in the cooperation between the public and private sectors and help to establish partnerships that promote sustainable development. We bring actors together to develop new, sustainable solutions and services.

Examples of our services: city and regional development programs, sustainability of cities and municipalities, climate and circular economy programs, responsible and innovative procurement, social and environmental impact assessment, market and regional impact assessment, building strategic partnerships between the public and private sector, supporting accelerator programs and innovation competitions, and business ecosystems development and management.

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