Sustainable Finance and Taxonomy

Sustainable finance – ensuring access to capital

Reallocation of capital to sustainable investments impacts both asset values and availability and pricing of financing. Investors and lenders require information on sustainability performance of corporations to make informed assessments and investment decisions. Sustainability criteria has become as important as financial criteria for financial decision makers and requires a new approach for corporations to ensure access to capital. New reporting frameworks are developed both on EU level (CSRD) and globally (IFRS) to better serve the information need of different stakeholders.

We support both investors and corporations in rethinking the value creation, ensuring financing and fulfilling regulatory requirements in the sustainable finance context. We work in multi-skilled teams combining both sustainable finance and environmental and societal knowledge.  We see that increasing regulatory requirements, including the EU Taxonomy, CSRD as well as TCFD and upcoming TNFD, are not only reporting frameworks, but can help steering the business to become more sustainable and build strategic advantage. 

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