Foresight and Interpretation of Future Legislation

Understanding the future increases competitive advantage

In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, the need for organisations to prepare for different situations is increasing. With the help of foresight, understanding of the future is increased and possible situations are mapped. Its purpose is to clarify the organisation’s view of the future, support decision-making and improve preparedness for unexpected changes. In the coming years, regulation will tighten and guide more strongly towards green and socially sustainable operations. By understanding the effects of future regulations related to sustainability on the operating environment, organisations can create a competitive advantage by proactively exceeding future requirements.

We offer support in mapping the changes taking place in the field of sustainable development and identifying future phenomena and trends. Together with the organisations, we define possible development paths. In addition, we help organisations understand the changes in regulation affecting the industry and the new requirements and opportunities they bring.

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