Risk Management

Risk management helps to identify opportunities

Risk management is essential in terms of regulatory requirements, social license, personnel well-being, the organisation’s reputation, and thus business continuity. Rapid changes in the operating environment require both companies and the public sector not only to reassess traditional risks but also to prepare for new types of risks. On the other hand, risk management is also about identifying opportunities and coordinating activities. In particular, sustainable, high-quality and versatile HSE operations require good planning, risk management and continuous improvement.

We serve companies and industry with technical risk assessments, risk management planning, and comprehensively in the different stages of chemical and environmental permitting. We serve industry subject to the Seveso directive especially in complex chemical risk assessments and chemical spread modeling, and municipalities and cities in various land use issues of major accident hazards and green technology. We have a wide-ranging understanding of strategic solutions, regulation, authority processes and managing stakeholder relations.

Examples of our offer: Tukes approval, modeling of major accidents and disruptions, spread modeling, domino surveys, battery safety surveys, formula safety surveys. Environmental permit processes: pre-examinations such as permit strategy, investment site evaluation and plan report, environmental impact assessment and permit (EIA program and/or EIA report).

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