Annika Stubbe

Areas of expertise

Corporate, Sustainability and Crisis Communications; Communications Planning and Strategy, Sustainablity Reporting, Communication Analysis

“The world is on the brink of something new as a crisis after crisis tears through our societies, our planet, and our humanity. Sustainability and the green transition offer us continuous opportunities to safeguard our future, prevent climate change and preserve biodiversity. We have plenty of tools, business models, guidelines, and instructions available, but still the transformation is going too slow.

Precise, transparent, impactful, and engaging communication at the right time will have a key role as the driver of transformation and motivation for the human race. Thus, sustainability cannot be reached without the active, engaging, and clear role and participation of communications.

At Gaia I get to combine my two passions: sustainability and communisations. As Head of Communisations, I take care of Gaia’s own communications and as Senior Consultant I support our clients in communicating their sustainability transformation – susformation – in order to create more value for themselves, as well as their stakeholders.

As an active scout, leaving the world in a better shape than it was when I came into it guides all my activities both professionally and personally.”