Takaisin 7.12.2016

Tiekartta vähähiiliseen paperiteollisuuteen (englanniksi)

The European paper industry has unveiled a major investment agenda to drive towards its 2050 vision of a low-carbon, resource-efficient bioeconomy.

The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has a vision of leading Europe’s bioeconomy transition towards 2050 by cutting its carbon footprint by 80% while creating more than 50% more added value. CEPI foresees 40% more investment to transform the industry and to lead the low-carbon bioeconomy in Europe.

“Investment will be the cornerstone of making this industry transformation happen in Europe“, said CEPI’s new Director General Sylvain Lhôte at European Paper Week.

“We project the need for 40% more investment to transform our industry base and seize new market opportunities. This can happen in Europe if we align European policies, our research efforts and financing conditions. Our agenda goes against the gloom prevailing in so many industries. For CEPI, getting the conditions right to invest more in Europe will be the priority.”

Gaia has contributed to CEPI’s vision by modelling the contribution of decarbonization actions towards the goal of cutting the industry’s carbon footprint by 80% and the required investment needs for the roadmap.

The paper industry currently invests €3 to €3.5 billion per year in Europe. Estimates foresee the need for an extra €24 billion by 2050 to ensure that the decarbonisation measures identified effectively deliver their expected reduction benefits for industry direct emissions. Over the same period, a further €20 billion will need to be invested in the production of new bio-based products.

Cumulatively, this adds up to an 40% increase from current investment levels. As a result, the European forest fibre and paper industry emissions would be brought down to 12 million tonnes of CO2 by 2050.

”The modelling of decarbonisation pathways and associated investment costs is an important part of the follow-up to the Paris agreement. The European paper industry is leading the way with its roadmap”, says Gaia’s Business Director Tiina Pursula.

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