Takaisin 19.9.2016

Team Arctic Boosting Finnish “Snow-How” In Extreme Environments (englanniksi)

Team Arctic Finland, coordinated by Gaia and Finnish Marine Industries, continues promoting Finnish expertise in demanding operating conditions. The term “Snow-How” refers to the participating companies’ unparalleled prowess in delivering safe and reliable solutions to companies operating in the most extreme -as well as vulnerable – environments on our planet.

The collaboration has provided a valuable channel for the companies to promote sustainable products and services for projects in Arctic and other harsh areas. Projects in these areas are characteristically measured in the tens-of-millions to the billons-range, which means that in order to make contact with relevant decision-makers, collaboration is key.

”The project has initiated a success story for a collaborative strategic sales concept which clearly creates value for the participating companies. As competition has become extremely severe and truly global we need to be innovative in marketing and sales to promote ourselves for the international giants. We need to build business and order books with sustainable approach and offerings.”, says Pekka Pokela, the project director of Team Arctic.

In 2016 – 2017, Team Arctic continues with a new focus on the following themes which define the focus offerings for customers – investors and turnkey contractors – in the areas of offshore wind, energy, shipping, shipbuilding and mining:

  1. Ports and facilities
  2. Industrial infrastructure
  3. Offshore activities and maritime logistics

Team Arctic consists of ABB, Aker Arctic Technology, Arctech, Arctia Shipping, Boskalis-Terramare, ESL Shipping, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Lamor and Technip Offshore Finland. Moreover, there are ongoing discussions with 1-3 additional participants that may empower the offerings and Team Arctic position even further.