Takaisin 29.10.2012

Tänään alkanut Future Cleantech Forum edistää uusiutuvan energian käyttöönottoa (englanniksi)

The Future Cleantech Forum, opened today in Geneva, Switzerland, links European energy and cleantech professionals interested in developing and implementing strategies for deploying renewable energies.

“Renewable energies offer unseen opportunities and challenges both on the supply and demand sides. Many renewable energy technologies are technically mature and could contribute significantly to a sustainable energy future. Though deployment and investment in renewables remains high, much more could be achieved given the right frameworks and support”, says Alain Schilli, the CEO of Gaia Global SA.

The Forum aspires to become a truly global meeting platform for furthering the debate around strategy and future development of cleantech and renewable energy. The participants will look at the current patterns and trends in energy demand, at strategies to deploy renewable energies and at new emerging technologies across the spectrum. Specific renewable energies, such as solar, wind, and bio-energy, new renewable energy end-user products, and energy efficiency will be covered in the Forum.

Gaia’s experts act as invited speakers on two interactive sessions on addressing new, cutting-edge technologies and approaches.Gaia will discuss where clean technologies could change the competitive business environment, and how new approaches to energy use could enhance systemic efficiency. Moreover, Gaia’s experts will explore ways to influence the behavior of energy end users and present practical examples from biomimicry, a promising approach to facilitate the innovation process.

“Future energy challenge requires disruptive innovation both of new technologies and new behaviors. If we look into nature’s laboratory, we can identify energy-related models successfully tested over the last 3.8 billion years. Why not get inspired by nature and innovate through the biomimicry approach? Biomimicry is a complementary method for innovation and accelerates the solution finding and strengthens the overall sustainability of these solutions”, says Alain Schilli.

For further information:

  • Alain Schilli, CEO, Gaia Global SA, tel. +41-79-349 6361
  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board, Gaia Group Ltd, tel. +358 400 464 127