Takaisin 8.1.2016

Suuri norjalainen teollisuuspuisto kehittää kestävää liiketoimintaa (englanniksi)

Mo Industrial Park (Mo Industripark, MIP), the leading industrial park in Northern Norway, has selected Gaia to develop and implement sustainability indicators for assessing the sustainability of its production lines and products. The industrial park includes over 100 companies, with the majority working in the mining and metal manufacturing sector.

Gaia and Mo Industripark AS are planning to develop sustainability indicators for industrial parks in 2016. Sustainability indicators offer companies in industrial parks tools for improving their resource efficiency and profitability as well as hard facts for their sales argumentation. With the improved profitability of businesses and proven sustainability metrics, industrial parks can improve their position and attract new companies to the area.

“These kinds of sustainability indicators can help us to highlight differences in carbon footprint throughout the entire production line and throughout the lifecycle of a product, among other things,” says CEO Arve Ulriksen from Mo Industripark AS.

In Mo Industrial Park, recycling and energy efficiency have a very high priority. For years, the Rana region industry has recycled and exchanged more than 450 GWh of energy in an average year, a fourth of the total electrical energy use. Surplus energy from one company is utilised as a resource by other companies.

Mo Industrial Park aims to be one of the world’s leading industrial parks in terms of emissions, energy efficiency and recycling. It has therefore strengthened its focus on sustainability.

World-class ambitions

“Mo Industrial Park (MIP) is to be one of the world’s leading industrial parks in terms of emissions to the environment, energy efficiency and recycling, and this must be displayed by focusing on established research and improvement projects. This is how we have worded the main point for our future initiative,” says Arve Ulriksen.

“The biggest of the global challenges directly affecting us is the climate challenge, which means that we have to restructure industry, transport, agriculture and consumption in order to bring about a more sustainable global environment. In our view, the future requires us to actively continue our recycling and environmental efforts. We want to become a modern, green, world-class industrial cluster,” Ulriksen adds.

“Companies are the driving force of sustainable circular economy. That is why we want to help clients like Mo Industripark to find new business opportunities from circular economy. The world is changing fast, and sustainability is now among the top priorities of even heavy industry,” says Business Director Pekka Pokela from Gaia.

More information:

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