Takaisin 31.10.2013

Suomen tulevaisuus ja hyvinvointi on kestävässä kasvussa (englanniksi)

Finnish Government Report on the Future, a unique effort to examine Finland’s future challenges and prospects, has been published. The report focuses on well-being through sustainable growth within a time-frame that extends to 2030. The Government Report on the Future is submitted to the Finnish Parliament once during each electoral period.

The Finnish Government examines the country’s future challenges and opportunities in its Report on the Future that covers the coming 10–20 years. Finland is facing big challenges in the near future but these challenges can be turned into prospects. The most significant opportunities for sustainable growth arise if we are able to harness the developing digital economy to finding solutions to common global environmental threats.

The report states that Finland is in an excellent position to create sustainable growth but it needs to act swiftly. Finland’s high level of education and expertise and its welfare model will offer significant competitive advantages. Renewable natural resources, their sustainable utilization and clean nature will create a basis for sustainable growth.

The Government Report on the Future lays out key prerequisites for future success. These include the creation a business environment that enables diverse digital business opportunities. Furthermore, Finland needs new models for work, learning and entrepreneurship; a focus on education; community spirit and participation; as well as new kinds of activities from the public sector to support sustainable growth.

A ministerial working group appointed by the Government and representing all of its parties led the preparation of the Report on the Future. Dr. Mari Hjelt from Gaia participated in the work as the lead author of the report.

The preparation of the report started in 2012 with laying out future visions for Finland. Based on these visions, the debate and work continued with different stakeholders. Citizens and various interest groups were also consulted in the drafting of the report. Now that the report is published, discussion on the country’s future continues in the Parliament, and suggested actions will be carried out in different arenas.

“The government’s vision for the future is something that it is easy to agree with, but there is a lot of work ahead to make the vision come to life. The Report on the Future is only one step of the journey. We need to see action, risk-taking and experimentation without forgetting the responsibility and hard work to maintain sustainability,” says Dr. Hjelt.

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