Takaisin 25.9.2015

Suomalaiset kehittävät tehokkaampaa sää- ja ilmastoriskien hallintaa (englanniksi)

What are the costs of extreme weather and advancing climate change in various economic sectors? How can we best assess these costs and proactively manage climate risks? What are the international implications of climate change for Finland? Gaia is participating in a research initiative that intends to answer these questions.

The multidisciplinary ELASTINEN initiative is a research consortium of leading Finnish stakeholders that aims to develop more reliable and practical solutions to climate risk management. The initiative, launched in September 2015, contributes to better and more proactive consideration of climate risks in public and private sector decision-making.

“There is an increasing need to understand the multiple, and often intertwined economic, social and environmental impacts of climate change. In most cases, these impacts cut across various sectors and national borders,” says Business Manager Mikko Halonen from Gaia.

ELASTINEN will produce tailored information and practical solutions that strengthen the ability of various sectors to assess and manage their weather and climate change related risks. The initiative will therefore also help increase the overall resilience of the Finnish society and its capacity to adapt to climate change.

To ensure the applicability of its outcomes, ELASTINEN is conducted in close collaboration with relevant Finnish stakeholders. The 14-month initiative is lead by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and participants include the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), the University of Helsinki, Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and Gaia. It is funded by the Finnish Government, through the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities.

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