Takaisin 13.10.2011

Innovaatioista ratkaisuja vihreän talouden markkinoille (englanniksi)

The European Future Energy Forum 2011, held 10 – 12 October in Geneva, Switzerland brought more than 2000 attendees from around the world. At the conference, Gaia facilitated a very successful panel session on financial success of innovative business models triggering green economy.

The distinguished panelists from Dupont, LuxResearch, WIPO and Forum for the Future presented business models and highlighted the importance of success factors such as adapted technologies, market-adopted implementation strategy facilitated by a legal and policy framework. ”As a Primeur, the World Intellectual Property Organzation announced the launch of the WIPO Green, which is a technology marketplace to secure intellectual property particularly in developing and emerging countries”, says Alain Schilli who moderated the session.

”In partnering with Gaia we have been able to allow a very important discussion on the emerging business models related to the renewable business. This discussion raised awareness with the participants on the need of increased collaboration and of offering full integrated solutions to the customers to make this a success”, emphasizes André Schneider, Managing Director of EFEF and former COO of the World Economic Forum.

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