Takaisin 14.9.2009

Hiilineutraali Gaia (englanniksi)

Gaia has received a carbon neutral certificate for compensating its Green House Gas (GHG) emissions produced by its operations during 2008.

Carbon footprint calculation and its compensation were carried out for the second year in a row.

“Gaia has a Climate Policy that aims to reduce our emissions without compromising our business services. We minimise our greenhouse gas emissions through practical choices at work and by using, when possible, alternatives to business travels”, says Pasi Rinne, Chairman of Gaia.

The total emissions from Gaia’s 2008 operations were 84 tonnes which mainly consisted of business travel (77%), of which air travel covered 90%. Comparing to the previous year, the total emissions increased by 15 tonnes due to increased number of personnel. However, the emissions decreased per person-year in the company by 0,3 tonnes.

The compensation was carried out through investing in a renewable energy project ‘MW Wind Power Project 45’ in China which is a registered Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Gold Standard project. Through investing in this carbon offset project, Gaia helps to reduce emissions in China by replacing the use of fossil fuels with renewable energy. The offset project has gained the highest quality standard – Gold Standard – thanks to its positive impacts to sustainable development.

Gaia is committed to climate neutrality, and continues to explore innovative means to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Juha Vanhanen, Managing Director, +358-50-564 1889, juha.vanhanen@gaia.fi
  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman, +41-79-472 6909, pasi.rinne@gaia.fi