Takaisin 24.5.2011

Hiilineutraali Gaia (englanniksi)

Climate neutrality is part of Gaia’s strategy. It was achieved again in 2010. Moreover, our climate policy brought climate and economic benefits.

In 2010, Gaia’s total carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 23% compared to previous year, mainly due to decreased business travel. The total emissions were 33,4 tonnes of CO2 which mainly consisted of business travel. Gaia is carbon neutral since 2007.

“Gaia as the leading expert of sustainable climate and energy solutions is committed to climate neutrality. Gaia’s Climate Policy is a cornerstone of the company’s own environmental activities. We avoid emissions whenever possible in a cost-effective and strategic manner. For example, international travel and traveling between our offices is minimised whenever possible and, instead, IT solutions are used. Gaia’s experience shows that climate neutrality can bring about both economic and environmental benefits”, says Pasi Rinne, Chairman of Gaia.

Gaia compensates its emissions annually in projects that accelerate positively the commercialization and spreading of renewable energy technology. The compensation of Gaia’s emissions from 2010 was carried out through investing in the world’s largest wind farm project in Damao, China, with the help of Gaia’s offsetting partner, Nordic Offset. The offset project has gained the highest quality standard – Gold Standard – owing to its positive impacts to sustainable development.

Gaia offers an array of climate change services ranging from corporate climate change strategies to cost-effective and practical Carbon Management Plans reducing clients’ greenhouse gas emissions. The company helps also finance institutions and development agencies to integrate climate change into development cooperation. Gaia’s energyexpertise covers comprehensive services ranging from strategic planning to project implementation, and from feasibility studies and risk assessment to the development of new business concepts.

Gaia’s climate policy

Examples of Gaia’s climate change projects and references

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