Takaisin 4.4.2012

Gaiasta maailmanlaajuisen biomimiikka-aloitteen yhteistyökumppani (englanniksi)

Gaia has entered in partnership with Foundation for Global Sustainability (FFGS) and swisscleantech, in order to create awareness and engage stakeholders on the emerging topic of biomimicry – nature inspired innovation and design.

Gaia’s partners are in cooperation with Biomimicry 3.8, San Diego Zoo, Zurich Zoo and Wyss Institute Harvard. The goal of this broad cooperation is to create awareness along the whole value chain from biomimicry research over education to commercialization, and to set a long-term road map engaging multiple stakeholders and sectors on biomimicry.

“Nature stands for the biodiversity on our Earth and holds the success of more than 3.5 billion years of research and development. This is a unique asset to our economy. Biomimicry offers companies and societies a methodological approach to identify concrete and tangible solutions for challenges such as low-carbon energy storage, efficient irrigation system or new drugs for diseases. We can look into nature for potential models, processes, systems, materials, shapes and organic compounds which can be applied to solve global human problems concerning climate change, food security and health”, says Alain Schilli, CEO of Gaia Global SA.

Gaia believes that biomimicry is an excellent driver with a positive connotation to raise awareness of the need to protect nature and its resources.

“The partnership with Gaia adds important value to our European biomimicry initiative. It is based on almost 20 years of international experience combining sustainability and innovative solutions for companies in developed and developing countries. Gaia will support us in expanding our partnerships and sponsoring network as well as with its sustainability expertise”, says Nick Beglinger, Co-Founder and CEO of FFGS.

Biomimicry has its backbone on biodiversity and global ecosystem services. The value of global ecosystem services is estimated at 16–64 trillion USD. The event “Biomimicry Innovation and Finance Summit 2012” in Zürich, Switzerland, will soon announce the topic in more detail.

For further information:

  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board, Gaia Group, tel. +41 79 472 6909
  • Alain Schilli, Managing Partner, Gaia Global, tel. + 41 79 349 6361