Takaisin 21.1.2016

Gaia palkitsi Stora Enson kestävän liiketoiminnan palkinnollaan (englanniksi)

Gaia has awarded Stora Enso for its outstanding work on resource efficiency. Stora Enso is a pioneer in holistic resource efficiency measurement and improvement, thanks to its rigorous material audit and its use of Material Flow Cost Accounting.

Gaia’s sustainability prize is awarded to an organisation that shows strong achievements in sustainability, e.g. a well-defined and communicated sustainability strategy, reduced emissions, clear sustainability impacts, or advancement on its Sustainability Journey. The recipient does not need to be Gaia’s client.

“We have noted that sustainability is an integral part of Stora Enso’s strategic business goals. The company’s sustainability strategy directs its daily work, enhance the sustainability performance of its operations, and create shared value for its stakeholders,” says Gaia’s Chairman Pasi Rinne.

“Stora Enso recognises that materials efficiency means making the most out of resources. In 2015, the company started using new ISO standard tools in the material audit of its Anjala Mill. This paves the way for new resource efficiency tools in the forest industry and in large-scale process industry in general.”

The environmental management ISO standard family includes new tools for holistic resource efficiency improvement. They assign costs to resource flows, which helps identify the most potential areas for resource efficiency improvement.

Resource efficiency means the efficient use of energy, materials, chemicals and water in production. It is a major element of sustainable and responsible business. By improving resource efficiency, companies can reduce their ecological footprint and environmental load while saving costs.

Gaia’s sustainability award is named after the Titans of Greek mythology, the children of Gaia and Uranus, symbolising sustainability. The award is a sculpture of Hyperion by Finnish artist Tommi Toija.

The award was given at a bioeconomy event organised by the Finnish Forest Academy for Decision-Makers, which is a forum for people in decisive positions at the Finnish Forest Association and in society in general.

More information:

  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board, Gaia Consulting, tel. + 358 400 464 127, email: firstname.lastname@gaia.fi