Takaisin 14.9.2011

Gaia osallistuu Suomen ensimmäiseen kansalliseen etätyöpäivään (englanniksi)

Remote working generates positive environmental and economic impacts through avoided transportation emissions and unnecessary travelling.

The national remote working day in Finland is held on Friday 16 September.

Daily, over two million journeys to work and back are made in Finland according to Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). Personal cars account for eighty percent of these journeys. Weekly, approximately 1,3 million kilometres of commuting in Finland are avoided through people working from home. Reduced driving leads to reduced fuel costs and emissions. The option to work flexibly from home, client’s premises or other suitable location, can also improve the motivation of the personnel.

More efficient use of time is another benefit of remote working promoting cost-efficiency. The time spent commuting in rush hour traffic is saved and can be used for focused working. Importantly, more time is available for personal life after work.

“Gaia’s innovative solutions for sustainability have helped its customers, for example the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), to develop ambitious remote working programmes that have enabled significant cuts in operational costs and boosted work motivation”, says Pasi Rinne, Gaia’s Chairman of Board.

Gaia’s own personnel favour climate-friendly activities. For example, most of the staff commutes to the office by public transportation, cycling and walking every day throughout the year. Aside with participating in the national remote working day, Gaia staff is also taking part in Kilometrikisa cycling campaign (www.kilometrikisa.fi) and National energy saving week (www.energiansaastoviikko.fi).

For further information:

  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board, Gaia Group, tel. +41 79 472 6909, firstname.lastname@gaia.fi