Takaisin 30.9.2010

Gaia ja Cabot CSF esittelevät Lähi-idän markkinoille innovatiivisen ja vastuullisen kemikaalien leasing -liiketoimintamallin sovellusmahdollisuuksia kansainvälisessä konferenssissa (englanniksi)

Gaia and Cabot Specialty Fluids present sustainability promoting application potentials of chemical leasing to industry leaders in an international conference starting next Monday in Bahrain.

“The concept of chemical leasing is championed by UNIDO*, and the prospect of wider use of this business model opens up key improvement possibilities. The use of such sustainability orientated business models and less hazardous chemicals is particularly important in ecologically rich and diverse areas such as the Middle East, which far from being a continuous desert provides a wealth of species in habitats from coral reefs to marshlands and dunes. The conference attracts international experts and local decision makers, providing a fruitful venue for increasing the understanding of how the area’s thriving petroleum industry can work for sustainable and responsible future developments” says Ylva Gilbert, Gaia’s Business Director and representative in the Middle East Health, Safety, Security and Environment Conference (MEHSSE).

Besides chemical management, Gaia is keen to discuss other key sustainability areas for the oil and gas industry, such as carbon management and corporate responsibility. Gaia’s partner Digital:Framework is exhibiting the exiting new version of a comprehensive software suite developed with major oil companies to meet the high demands of the petroleum industry.

The MEHSSE conference is becoming a landmark event in the Middle East region as it combines a world-class technical conference with an international exhibition. This year, the conference will focus on the theme Striving for HSE Excellence in a Changing World: Capacity, Energy Demand, Security, World Economy & Social Responsibility”. This Society of Petroleum Engineers conference is held in Bahrain on 4–6 October 2010.

The official webpage of the MEHSSE Conference

For further information:

  • Gaia / Ylva Gilbert, Business Director, gsm +358 400 756 358, firstname.surname(at)gaia.fi
  • Gaia / Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board, gsm +41 79 472 6909, firstname.surname(at)gaia.fi

* The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation