Takaisin 18.9.2013

Gaia arvioi suunnitellun maametallikaivoksen vastuullisuutta Madagaskarilla (englanniksi)

Gaia has been assigned to conduct an environmental and social impact assessment at a rare earth project of Tantalus Rare Earths AG in northern Madagascar. Sustainability starts from the very beginning of the planning phase.

Tantalus Rare Earths AG runs an exploration project on the eastern half of the Ampasindava Peninsula in the Antsiranana Province of Northern Madagascar. The concession area covers 300 square kilometers. The exploration project comprises rare earth (tantalum, niobium, zirconium, hafnium) enriched dykes, sills and argillaceous laterites and aims to define the primary and secondary mineralization on the concession.

Gaia Consulting advises Tantalus Rare Earths in assessing the environmental and social impacts of a potential mining project and in integrating the best international sustainability practices in the anticipated mining operations.

“Strong focus on the environmental and social aspects is not only elementary in obtaining the respective legal permits in Madagascar but also crucial for earning a social license to operate in Madagascar,” says Business Director Tiina Pursula from Gaia Consulting.

“The assessment will provide important guidance for operational planning and create a solid foundation for a long-term stakeholder collaboration,” says CEO Thomas Hoyer from Tantalus Rare Earths AG.

The project relies on an integrated approach to sustainability, built and applied already in the planning phase of the investment. Important sustainability aspects include dialogue with local stakeholders and thorough analytical approach to minimize environmental impacts and to support local livelihood development.

More information:

  • Tiina Pursula, Business Director, Gaia Consulting Oy, tel. +358 40 514 9507, email: firstname.lastname@gaia.fi