Takaisin 24.9.2010

Gaia aloittaa liiketoiminnan Latinalaisessa Amerikassa – Ensimmäinen hanke edistää keski-amerikkalaisten yritysten energiatehokkuutta (englanniksi)

A new project involving small and medium-sized enterprises in Central America will be an outstanding start for Gaia’s new permanent business operation in Latin America.

Gaia recently won a contract with the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC, member of the Inter-American Development Bank) and will develop its energy efficiency and renewable energy program called GreenPyme. The objective of GreenPyme is to scale up energy efficiency measures and investments in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through technical support, awareness raising, capacity building, and financial support.

During the project, beginning in October 2010, a team of Gaia’s experts will identify the most potential sectors for energy saving and greenhouse gas emission reductions in five Central American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Following this analysis, Gaia will develop a comprehensive partnership strategy and a work plan for the IIC. The assignment will require close collaboration with the IIC, extensive research and a visit to all of the five countries to meet the identified partners. Suggestions of energy saving activities for SMEs may include, for example, improvements in cooling, lighting, logistics and travel.

“Central America has over half a million SMEs. They play a significant role in the economies of the countries as well as in the consumption of resources. Improved energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions leading to more efficient operational practices that will ultimately help to cut costs”, says Gaia’s Juan Gollan, based in Latin America.

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