Takaisin 22.3.2010

Citycon raportoi hiilijalanjalanjälkensä ensimmäisenä suomalaisena kauppakeskusomistajana (englanniksi)

Citycon, the market leader in the Finnish shopping center business, took a forerunner’s step by identifying its climate impacts and environmental management principles with the support of Gaia.

With the help of Gaia’s expertise, Citycon is putting sustainability at the core of their business strategy, aiming at increased profitability, lower operating costs and higher customer satisfaction. Creating a carbon policy is part of this strategic approach. The company has launched an ambitious new Green Shopping Centre Management programme which covers issues such as energy consumption and energy efficiency, water consumption, waste and transport as well as annual indicators for these areas.

According to calculations made by Gaia, Citycon’s carbon footprint in 2009 totalled 31,800 tonnes of CO2 equivalent – as much as energy consumption of about 7200 Finnish one-family houses. These carbon dioxide emissions originate mainly from properties’ electricity and heat consumption and waste treatment. Additionally, also business travel and commuting of Citycon’s staff was calculated in its all operating countries and included in the carbon footprint.

“Citycon has made a strategic choice to pursue sustainable development. Citycon is proud to be a forerunner in the industry and wants to challenge other companies to report their carbon footprints. It is pleasure to work with Gaia, who is a reliable partner and expert”, says Citycon’s Sustainability Manager Kirsi Borg.

Citycon’s key results in environmental responsibility in 2009 included, for example, attaining the first LEED certificate in the Nordic countries awarded to Trio shopping center in Lahti and launching the Green Shopping Centre Management Programme. Citycon also developed an environmental reporting system and publishing the first integrated Annual and Corporate Social Responsibility Report, where also strategic objectives related to environmental responsibility are presented.


  • Kirsi Borg, Manager, Sustainability, +358-40-557 6526, kirsi.borg@citycon.fi
  • Juha Vanhanen, Managing Director, +358-50-564 1889, juha.vanhanen@gaia.fi
  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman, +41-79-472 6909, pasi.rinne@gaia.fi

Citycon’s Annual and Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2009 (in English)

Citycon’s Annual and Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2009 (in Finnish)

Notes for editors:

  • Properties generate approximately 30–40% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The built environment accounts for 30% of all material and 20% of water consumption. Consequently, the built environment also has an impact on ecosystems. Large amounts of waste during the construction and use of buildings create 30% of all solid waste.
  • Citycon (www.citycon.fi) is an active owner and long-term developer of shopping centres. The market leader in the Finnish shopping centre business, Citycon also has a strong position in Sweden and a firm foothold in the Baltic countries. Citycon owns a total of 33 shopping centres and 50 other retail properties: for example Iso Omena in Espoo and Myyrmanni in Vantaa. Citycon’s shares are listed on Helsinki stock exchange.
  • Gaia (www.gaia.fi) is a leading partner for corporations, international organisations, and private and public institutions looking for innovative solutions for sustainability. Gaia’s areas of expertise include energy, climate change and environment, as well as risk management and innovation. Gaia has an extensive track-record of delivering high quality and cost-effective results to our private and public sector clients. Gaia is based in Finland, Switzerland and China.