Takaisin 11.4.2017

Call for global Sustainability Hackathon on 23rd-24th May

After the challenge being launched for the first time in Slush 2016, Neste is going forward with the idea of digitalizing its Supplier Due Diligence System. The first global level hackathon will be organized simultaneously in Helsinki and Singapore on 23rd-24th May 2017 in cooperation with Gaia Consulting. The winning team will be awarded with a 10,000€ cash prize.

“Sustainability is in the core of our business. We want to engage all innovators and our stakeholders in the digitalization process and to improve transparency throughout our supply chain. As a company, we also want to challenge ourselves to make things more agile.” says Neste Director of Sustainability Johan Lunabba.

The development project in question focuses on the digitalization of Neste’s global Supplier Due Diligence System. The current system functions rather efficiently but requires a lot of time-consuming manual work and handling of multiple documents that are sent back and forth between Neste and its various raw material suppliers around the world.

How could the digital system gather and visualize information relevant to the supply chain stakeholders? What else could the digital platform offer? In the hackathon we want to bring together experts from the fields sustainability and digital solutions to help Neste bring their key sustainability system to the digital era.

“Digitalizing the Supplier Due Diligence System is an ambitious project. The Neste hackathon is the first of its kind and demonstrates a forward-looking approach to sustainability and transparency in the raw material supply chain. Considering the timeliness of the topic, we expect a number of innovative ideas on how such a system could be developed.” states Lauri Larvus, Senior Consultant from Gaia Consulting.

Follow the hackathon in social media @Nestecorp and @gaiagroupoy and share your thoughts with hashtag #hackthesupply.

See you in the hackathon on 23rd May!

More information

  • www.nestehackathon.com
  • Lauri Larvus, Senior Consultant, Gaia Consulting Oy, +358 50 389 2703, etunimi.sukunimi@gaia.fi
  • Tiina Pursula, Business Director, Gaia Consulting Oy, +358 40 514 9507, etunimi.sukunimi@gaia.fi
  • Santeri Palomäki, Consultant, Gaia Consulting Oy, +358 40 760 2005, etunimi.sukunimi@gaia.fi
  • Adrian Suharto, Manager, Sustainability and Public Affairs, Neste Singapore Ltd, +65 9150 3676, adrian.suharto@neste.com

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