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Reconnect with nature – are you trying to be funny?

Earth School

Reconnecting with nature sounds bizarre, tempting and yet contradictory – almost like fresh frozen, friendly fire….. . Aren’t we part of nature – how arrogant can we be, imagining that we would somehow be outside or above nature? But simultaneously, if my generation cannot find the “way back to the garden” as Joni Mitchell used to sing, and prevent our kids to get detached from the miracles of the nature from the start, I tell you we are heading for trouble.

Let´s get back to school – Earth School

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, an unprecedented coalition, initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and TED-Ed,  came together in April 2020 to launch “Earth School”. It has been a privilege for Gaia to contribute to this initiative, help provide free, high-quality educational content to help students, parents and teachers around the world to realize the wonders nature has to offer. The overall effort has been supported by a global team of some 50 collaborating institutions – including National Geographic, BBC Ideas, WWF, Conservation International, the Nature Conservancy and IUCN.

What goes around comes around, right ?

The aims of Earth School have been threefold.  First, to help parents, teachers and pupils in lock-down to feel the awe and wonder of nature.  Second, to understand how intertwined we are with the planet.  And finally, to see how we can each act to live cleaner, healthier and greener lives. One important way to realize this mission is to investigate our consumption choices and seize the power of more sustainable consumption patterns, helping to turn away from a linear to a circular economy

No pain, no gain

On our 30-day “Adventure” through the natural world, the Quest number 29, launched on 1.6.2020 poses the question what does a circular economy look like, and how could we make it happen – here and now! This definitely is an area where Finns have expertise, strong governmental commitment and powerful organisations such as Sitra, to support and guide the required societal transformation. However, looking at our massive ecological footprints in Finland, it´s about time to put things into perspective and pull up our sleeves. Like one wise Indian guy used to say  “There is enough on Earth for everybody’s need, but not enough for everybody’s greed.”

Learning and learning to act with respect for all living creatures – that´s my idea of fun!