Maria Sangder

Areas of expertise

Sustainable Growth Strategies, Strategy Realisation, Strategic Leadership, Management Systems

“I believe that sustainability is an opportunity, not a threat, and that the future is full of market shaping sustainable business opportunities. My professional purpose is to support strategic growth and realisation of organisations and always strive to also build capabilities in the organisations I work with. That’s why I was so excited to join Gaia and become a part of this community. Our values; care, conquer and create impact perfectly describe the way I like to work in cooperation with clients. At best, the impacts, both to business and society as a whole, can be greater than either of us could imagine.

I am an experienced strategist and business developer and I specialise in future oriented, market shaping strategies and their realisation. I really enjoy working together with client organisations to solve challenges and find possibilities for new sustainable business. In addition, I love helping others succeed. Whether it be on a personal level or organisational level, coaching others to develop and gain capabilities is something that brings me joy. And, the best thing about working as a consultant is that this work continues to challenge and develop me as well.”

+358 50 310 5108