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The thriving marriage of digitalization and sustainability

I spent the last week in Singapore attending SLUSH Singapore and Digitalizing Maritime Business seminar by the City of Helsinki. The week was all about building bridges between Finnish and Singaporean companies. Finland and Singapore, although separated by nearly 10 000 kilometres, have many similarities. We are about the same size when it comes to population, both are very strong in regards to cutting-edge technology and digital solutions, and both have long traditions of maritime trade, to name a few similarities.

I was very glad to notice that one of the key themes for SLUSH Singapore was “Redefining Gaia – Building a Sustainable Planet” (no reference to our company as far as we know). This underlines the fact that the theme of sustainability is important in companies both large and small – and that it has also aroused the interest of investors, who are one of the key stakeholders in SLUSH. We can see numerous examples of technology companies who have successfully created new business models based on more efficient use of resources, such as Eniram, who was acquired by Wärtsilä last year, thus making business out of sustainability. This marriage is a brilliant example of how digitalization can drive both business and sustainability. We are expecting to see these types of synergies becoming even more important in companies’ strategy in the future, and are eager to help our clients succeed in their digital transformation.

A few more comments from yours truly can also be found on this article by Myynti & Markkinointi this week (in Finnish).


  • Santeri Palomäki, Consultant, Gaia Consulting Oy,