Suvi Häkämies

Areas of expertise

Sustainable business, Sustainable innovation development & commercialization, Energy and resource efficiency, Renewable energy, Circular economy, Network management, PP-partnerships, European and other public funding instruments.

“I have over 10 years’ experience in developing smart and low-carbon cities together with municipalities, companies and R&D organizations. My background is in network organization where I gained versatile know-how in how public and private sector operate and how public-private partnerships are created. I have worked in numerous European development projects and had the privilege to work together with different European organisations resolving common climate issues and building smart cities. Common theme for my work career is sustainable and smart built environment and new business opportunities related to it. I am passionate about seeing how even bold ideas become new operational normal.

I am an innovation enthusiastic always willing to learn new things. In Gaia every day is different and an opportunity to work with things I am passionate about. And the best part is that I am surrounded by people who share the passion the make the world a better place.”