Mikko Eklund

Mikko Eklund

Areas of expertise

Strategies and Management Systems, Digitalization and Dataecosystems, Systemic Challenges, Public Sector Development

“Along my career I’ve had a privilege to experience the rise of sustainability in awareness, attitudes and actions of multiple organizations. To me sustainability is a vital existential condition for all communities and individuals. In a big picture, comprehending this let alone taking the necessary steps towards inherently sustainable way to exist is just in it’s infancy. Therefore, an opportunity to join Gaia community felt like a natural path for getting to work for enabling this change.

I get inspired when I get to contribute issues with big impact as well as having a chance to develop and getting developed. I enjoy future oriented collaborative work where prevailing paradigms and self-evidences are being questioned. I see the world as holistic system and believe that there is no way of existing or operating sustainably while being disconnected or without thoroughly identifying the reflections of the business everywhere in its environment. I’m at my best sparring and facilitating strategy work, operating models and ecosystem development.”