Leni Valsta

Areas of expertise

Strategy Creation, Execution and Business Development, Sustainability Strategy and Execution, Circular Business Models, Sustainability Leadership, Change Management

“Through my long career in business, I have had the opportunity to concretely experience the transformation of sustainability from a compliance topic to a fundamental and integral part of the overall business strategy development and execution. Having also driven this change myself I believe there are many opportunities for companies to build a more sustainable business future through new business models and circular economy solutions and by integrating sustainability more firmly through the whole value chain. You just need to have the right mindset, passion and courage to start driving the change one step at a time. I think that people at Gaia have what it takes to help our clients to drive this change which is why I was very happy to join the Gaians community.

I get very excited when I can help our clients to clarify their sustainability agenda and actions for the future in order to support them in their strategic business transformation. I also enjoy working on topics related to new sustainable business opportunity development and integrating sustainability more firmly in the ways of working to drive the change. Finally, I think that working at Gaia gives you an endless opportunity to constantly develop yourself on sustainability from various perspectives and therefore positively challenge your thinking.”