Kirsi Pulkkinen

Kirsi Pulkkinen

Areas of expertise

Evaluation and Impact Assessment, Research and Innovation Systems, Ecosystem Development, Public-Private Partnerships, Knowledge-based Management

“From a very young age I’ve been intrigued by how societies function and develop. This interest to understand the dynamics of human interaction, collective learning and use of knowledge in decision-making has led me to explore the world from multiple angles spanning from research to civil service and ecosystem development. My childhood dream of making the world better through better use of knowledge and dialogue to bring differing opinions together led me also to Gaia.

At Gaia I can foster ecosystem development in an inspiring and constantly learning environment. I’m able to use a broad combination of knowledge and skills from the research and innovation field, public sector and policy analysis. Gaia offers opportunities to use my long experience in evaluation and complex stakeholder engagement in a way that promotes sustainable societal development as well as value to our clients.”