Joonas Söderholm

Areas of expertise

Environmental Management and Policy, Sustainable Business, Renewable Energy, Energy Systems, Energy Communities, Circular Economy, Stakeholder Engagement

“Although I have always enjoyed nature and strived to maintain its wellbeing, the idea of a career in sustainability came to me during my exchange studies in Montréal when I participated in a course on environmental and natural resource economics. Thereafter, I have obtained a master’s degree on the subject and worked with public and private organizations to develop and coordinate their sustainability work in the fields of energy, sustainable business operations and circular economy. I find that interacting with organizations to develop sustainable solutions is extremely interesting and rewarding. Therefore, I actively sought after an employer where I could engage in these activities– that is how I ended up in Gaia.

I get energy from passionate and talented individuals working towards the same goal. Gaia provides me with interesting, varying and impactful responsibilities which allow me to grow professionally and contribute to the development of a cleaner and safer, a more sustainable, world. These are the reasons that drive me forward.”

+358 40 552 8571