Jonna Auvinen

Jonna Auvinen

Areas of expertise

Sustainable Operations Management, Strategy and Business Development, Climate Targets (SBTi) and Roadmaps, Risk Assessment & Management

“I’ve always been keen on making an impact and solving difficult problems, which is why I wanted to study industrial engineering and management and later transition into management consulting. At the same time, it has become clear to me that our greatest and overarching challenge, yet also opportunity, is the ever-increasing severity of the current climate crisis. Sustainability has become one of the central objectives for communities and businesses, no longer just an isolated add-on.

Gaia has a long history as a pioneer in this transformation, which provides an excellent opportunity for meaningful impact both as an individual and as part of a community. It is motivating to see that even though the problems are substantial, the integration of expertise from our specialists across various fields continuously enables the discovery of new innovative solutions. Here, my values align seamlessly with Gaia’s and I can develop professionally while contributing to creating a more sustainable society.”