Jari Johansson

Areas of expertise

Strategic Planning and Implementation, Business and Customer Development, Change Management, Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship

“Throughout my career, I have worked across various industries in both the public and private sectors. My clients have included publicly traded companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, municipalities, and ministries. I consider having a diverse client base as a richness, as it has enabled me to learn the specific characteristics of different industries and gain insights into cross-cutting themes and principles of organizational functioning.

The common denominator in my projects has been strategic development based on the needs of the client. I have conducted analyses as a basis for strategic work, evaluated, formulated, and implemented various strategies. Additionally, I have worked on customer development and coaching-related themes. I find topics related to responsibility extremely interesting and challenging opportunities – what was previously seen almost as a threat is now a key to future success.

In all my endeavors, my starting point has been listening to people and involving them in the process of change, whether it is an individual or an entire organization. During my free time, you will most likely find me in various nature or sports related activities.”