Ilona Koski

Ilona Koski

Areas of expertise

Sustainable Business Development, Strategic Sustainability and Business Models, Environmental Change and Biodiversity, Impact Assessment, Value and Supply Chain Sustainability, Co-creation, Ecosystems and Innovation

“My approach is to combine research, practice, creativity and boldness in order to foster sustainability transition step by step. Due to my versatile background in the field of sustainability, I have an innovative and multidisciplinary perspective for sustainable business development and systemic understanding of environmental issues, such as environmental change and biodiversity.

I am intrigued by the idea of how we could strengthen our relationship with nature and so achieve truly sustainable development as a society. Leaving a positive handprint in the world and love for nature have been my life guidelines for long. Thus, I always perceive my work with passion and care. As an Economics and Business Administration graduate, I’m thrilled to provide my expertise to help as many companies as possible to find their purpose from sustainability.

The inspiration for my work comes from nature itself; Out of office, I’m most likely to be found on trails, in the woods, mountains or fells doing some outdoorsy things, such as hiking, cycling, hammock camping or freeride snowboarding – or just chillin’.”