Anna Kortesoja

Anna Kortesoja

Areas of expertise

Food Chemistry, Food Chain and Food Development Process, Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication, Public Procurement

“As a young bioscience student I chose food chemistry as my major because I believed it could lead to finding a solution to the imbalance of food in the world – how ones have too much while others go hungry. Food seems a very simple thing yet it is about the most complex matrix for different chemical substances that you can find. That is why food remains a very intriguing subject for me. Food production also offers a broad view into the situation of the world and responsible practices applied in it.

Before I found my way to Gaia I managed development projects for food industry. The Centre of Expertise Programme (OSKE) was my school in innovation and management of complex multi-stakeholder projects that connected SME’s, large companies, universities, developers, municipalities, and authorities. The most rewarding situation I can think of is to see the group achieve results that have been labelled “impossible” in the beginning of the project. Even though the actual subject may have been communications or public procurement it has been my ambition to include a strong sustainable view in the projects that I plan and manage.

At Gaia I work in the fields of responsibility, environmental management and chemical risks. By doing this I hope I can leave the world a little better than I found it.”

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