Kaisa Järvinen

Areas of expertise

Carbon footprints, life cycle assessment (LCA), Environmental target setting, Data management and visualization, Safety and risk management Sustainable transportation, Emissions control technologies

“I’ve always been fascinated by different phenomena. I remember pondering whether there are more grains of sand or stars in the universe, and I wondered why does everyone have to drive the car separately if all vehicles are going to the same direction (which we now call connected vehicle technology). My endless curiosity and thirst for solutions led me to study and eventually work with the largest challenge we have faced thus far – ensuring our planet is livable for future generations.

At Gaia I get to work in the frontline of this battle. I’m driven forward by the desire to improve wellbeing of people and the planet. We always use a systematic approach in our work; first we need to understand the current state at the appropriate level and after that we can find solutions towards more sustainable business and increasing prosperity. Working with highly qualified colleagues and varying projects is extremely motivating.”