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We can avoid the worst risks of Climate Change

What will a low-carbon future look like for Finland? Gaia’s well-explained and concise review of international and national climate scenarios was launched on the 25th of August 2008. The review presents the need for dramatic global emission reductions and guides climate policy formulation to avoid the worst climate risks.

At the request of the Government of Finland, Gaia produced a concise and well-explained review of international and national climate scenarios. While the scenarios presented highlight the need for dramatic global emissions reductions, in the range of 60-85% by 2050, they also outline several optional pathways to low-carbon societies. The report provides guidance on how scenarios could better support climate policy formulation and decision making in Finland.

The report is part of the preparations of the foresight report by the Government of Finland. It is available in Finnish at:

(Skenaariokatsaus. Skenaariot pitkän aikavälin ilmastopolitiikan laadinnassa)