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United Nations awards Gaia’s client for sustainable chemical use

Cabot Specialty Fluids received a highly respected international award for its innovative business model, chemical leasing.

Gaia’s customer Cabot Specialty Fluids was awarded a bronze medal for Outstanding Chemical Leasing Performance by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). Cabot’s business model for chemical use is to lease the chemical to the end users instead of selling it. Chemical leasing as a business model promotes sustainability through three key areas:

  • Better operational environmental performance through emission, discharge and waste reduction
  • More efficient use of raw materials, water and energy
  • Minimisation of overall life cycle impacts of chemicals through design of products with excellent environmental performance and cost-efficiency

“Gaia congratulates our customer Cabot Specialty Fluids on the award. It has been a pleasure working with Cabot Specialty Fluids on identifying and quantifying the potential benefits their product has for health, safety and environmental impacts and applying these potentials into a practical cost evaluation model, BrineWise™. The model not only shows that leasing has a large potential to save the chemical user’s money, but actively promotes a more sustainable use of chemicals”, says Ylva Gilbert, HSE & Risk Business Director of Gaia Consulting.


  • Juha Vanhanen, Managing Director, +358-50-564 1889,
  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman, +41-79-472 6909,

More information on UNIDO’s and Cabot’s websites:,