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Three new sustainability consultants join Gaia

Gaia’s year 2021 started with recruitments: three new sustainability experts joined the growing consultancy.


Three new consultants have joined Gaia in December and January. Joonas Söderholm, Miikka Simanainen and Silla Aaltonen bring in wide-based expertise from the finance sector to the municipal sector, carbon accounting and strategy work. For Gaia’s clients this means even more comprehensive sustainability services.


Joonas Söderholm strengthens Gaia’s expertise in the public and energy sectors and circular economy. Söderholm’s previously worked in municipal administration where he has  advanced the sector’s climate work as a coordinator. He has also worked with crowd-funded energy solutions, energy communities and buildings’ circular economy solutions. At Gaia, Söderholm hopes to make the world a more sustainable place.


Miikka Simanainen brings in knowledge on sustainability in the finance sector. With previous experience from consulting, he has focused on impact investing, ESG criteria and the EU sustainable finance action plan. Simanainen’s goal is to build bridges between the finance sector and sustainability – and while doing that, make sure that a growing amount of investments are channeled to make the world a more sustainable place.


Silla Aaltonen brings in her expertise in sustainability reporting, carbon accounting and strategy consulting. In her previous position she has helped, among others, real estate businesses, banks as well as technology companies develop more sustainable business. Aaltonen is especially motivated by solving global problems together with clients and working with inspiring people.


“Fresh ideas on sustainability are a great addition to Gaia’s work. More and more businesses are now thinking how they can bring sustainability to the core of their strategy. The pandemic has only accelerated the need for change, and consequently, increased our clients’ consultancy needs”, says Gaia’s CEO Ulla Heinonen.


“This year, with our growing group of experts, we will help our clients make the world cleaner and safer”, Heinonen continues.


Photo (from left to right): Miikka Simanainen, Silla Aaltonen, Joonas Söderholm.