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The fusion of two ecosystems provides renewable energy solutions with arctic expertise

Team Renewable Arctic Finland gathers Finnish companies to develop and test advanced solutions to enable maximum offshore electricity output in icing conditions – for example, concepts for offshore wind turbine foundations, special vessels and year-round operations & maintenance. These solutions are tested in the Baltic Sea and are scalable to other demanding operating conditions for maximum reliability and performance.


The fusion of two ecosystems – Team Arctic Finland and Baltic Offshore Wind – was initiated to better respond to the global transition towards carbon neutrality and low carbon solutions. Team Renewable Arctic Finland ecosystem gathers the expertise of 22 companies to pursue renewable energy, also in extreme environments. The ecosystem enhances competitive offshore domain expertise to create, design and deliver scalable solutions for renewable energy, resource efficiency and sustainable future.


Gaia is proud to continue coordinating this unique renewable energy ecosystem. “We are privileged to be the contact point to these top-tier companies, which provide proven experience and broad offering of low emission solutions”, says Pekka Pokela, Business Director at Gaia.


Team Renewable Arctic Finland consists of ABB, Aker Arctic, Arctia, Boskalis Terramare, Corporatum, Danfoss, Destia, Enersense, EPV, ESL Shipping, Finnish Sea Service, Fortum, Hyötytuuli, Pinja, Ponvia, Pori Offshore Constructions, Rauma Marine Constructions, Savcor, Skarta, Steerprop, VTT and Wärtsilä.


Gaia provides the central contact point for any Finnish and international ecosystem partners to access an extensive network of all relevant stakeholders, technology, solution, and service providers. Team Renewable Arctic Finland provides customized offering in renewable energy, low emission marine solutions and advanced infrastructure solutions.


Team Renewable Arctic Finland enables co-operation and co-creation of a variety of companies willing to expand their offering in the offshore domain. “Gaia facilitates the cooperation and together with the companies we carry out concrete concept development to boost innovations supporting efficient and reliable operations of offshore wind in the Baltic Sea and globally”, Pokela continues.


The expertise of the ecosystem companies lies in the proven know-how of arctic conditions and their track-record in marine industries. “We have excellent basis to build on and dedicated team of Gaia’s experts supporting companies to succeed in providing intelligent optimization and reliability to operations in harsh conditions, while reducing the environmental impact throughout the value chain of every project”, says Pokela.


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