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Technology solutions for disaster management

Gaia presents an interesting opportunity for Finnish companies through bringing Beijing Sanxing Automobile Co., Ltd to Finland to discuss technology solutions such as snow removal.

Every year, the economic loss caused by emergencies, natural disasters, and man-made hazards accounts for about 6% of China’s gross domestic product. Especially recent earth quakes, floods, oil leaks, snowstorms and nuclear hazards have brought heavy losses of people’s lives and property. The government of China has invested on major disaster risk reduction initiatives such as China’s Natural Forest Protection Programme which aims to protect water quality, prevent desertification and erosion and reduce risks of floods and other natural disasters. In addition to several policy measures, new technology solutions on the broad spectrum of disaster response are on need in China.

It is therefore that Gaia and Sanxing jointly prepared a study tour to Finland to introduce examples of Finnish technology solutions on areas such as snow removal, search and rescue as well as in other areas of special vehicles. Introductory discussions with parties such as the Airport Cluster, Tekes Safety and Security Programme as well as with many corporations were held and are being followed-up.

“The meetings held in Finland during the past days have indeed shown that Finland has a wide spectrum of very advanced technology solutions to offer. The Chinese delegation was impressed with many products introduced but the real question is whether the Finnish companies and their consortiums have the capability to respond to the clear interests of Sanxing, and whether credible and functioning partnership models could be developed”, says Pasi Rinne from Gaia.

Gaia has during the past few years helped European companies to partner with Chinese companies in the areas of renewable energy and environmental technology. “The Chinese markets are still a great opportunity on many areas, as discussions on the emergency response indicate. However, collaboration with ambitious Chinese organizations could be an interesting partnership option for new emerging international markets. Last year alone, Chinese companies implemented more than 590 billion euros of projects over-seas”, states Rinne.

Beijing Sanxing Automobile Co., Ltd (Sanxing) is a state-owned special vehicle developing and producing company. It has decided to invest significantly on new partnerships with Western technology partners to introduce new solutions to the Chinese markets. In particular, the areas of interest include snow removal and road maintenance, fire brigade trucks, ambulances and effective solutions for demanding search and rescue functions.

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  • Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board, Gaia Group, tel. +41 79 472 6909