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Team Arctic creates Arctic business opportunities for Finnish companies

To succeed in Arctic business, Finnish companies need cooperation and visible international marketing of their Arctic expertise and sustainable products and services.

Team Arctic Finland is a new cooperation model that concentrates on creating Finnish companies new business opportunities in the Arctic market. The programme consists of 14 large companies and is coordinated by The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, while practical operations are run by Gaia Consulting. Team Arctic has gained a lot of interest among companies and is open to new cooperation possibilities.

At the moment, Team Arctic concentrates on developing concrete concepts and international market initiatives that will be used to approach international investors and corporations that are responsible for Arctic projects. Team Arctic was founded after Gaia’s preliminary study, which stated that the total value of the Arctic market from now until the year 2020 is approximately 240 billion euros.

“The Arctic region will need a wide variety of services and solutions in addition to traditional transport and ice-breaking services, ranging from telecommunications and IT services to weather services, new port concepts, construction and venue services, steel constructions and their manufacturing processes, automation, new transport solutions and off-shore concepts, security and oil combating as well as new energy solutions. The region offers hugely diverse business opportunities,” says the programme’s leader Merja Salmi-Lindgren from The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries.

Finland has no large direct investors and no connection to the Arctic Ocean. However, the companies of Team Arctic have technologies, expertise and references from Arctic business ventures. Therefore, Team Arctic gathers clusters of reliable Finnish companies that can put together large concepts, make propositions to big international clients and get challenging commissions in the Arctic region, taking into account the requirements of sustainable development.

Team Arctic’s value to clients lies in the fact that its members can together offer a wider selection of products and services and thus solve simultaneously more problems – and more challenging problems – for clients.

Team Arctic’s concepts consist of companies whose services and products complement each other. The participants have wide expertise and references from Arctic projects and sustainable business. The concepts have strong in-built possibilities of success and provide interesting, innovative and reliable solutions for difficult circumstances.

“The Arctic business is in the hands of huge international investors. We lack those, so we need a different, unique way of cooperating and combining the best technology. Even large Finnish companies need business partners, resources and an efficient approach. We also need to be able to offer sustainable solutions – that is our responsibility but also our chance of standing out,” says Business Director Pekka Pokela from Gaia Consulting.

Team Arctic consists of The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, Gaia Consulting, Aker Arctic Technology, Arctia Shipping, Boskalis-Terramare, ESL Shipping, Fortum, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Konecranes, Lamor, Pemamek, Rolls-Royce Marine, Rautaruukki, STX Cabins Finland, STX Finland and Technip Offshore Finland.

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