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Sustainable Finland 2014: Sustainable business in Finland is a recipe for success

Corporate Responsibility Network FIBS has launched its Sustainable Finland 2014 yearbook. The book showcases sustainable products, processes and business innovations by Finnish organisations. Gaia is one of the organisations featured in Sustainable Finland 2014.

The leading non-profit corporate responsibility network in Finland, FIBS, just published the first Finnish corporate responsibility yearbook. Sustainable Finland 2014 offers a view of the top responsible solutions and practices in Finland through case stories, articles written by leading experts and interviews of corporate decision-makers.

The yearbook is a tool that Finnish companies can use in international sales and marketing of sustainable products and services. It helps to showcase Finland as a country with strong know-how in responsible business.

Leading consultant Mari Saario from Gaia wrote an article in the yearbook. In her article, she talks about how responsibility and sustainability can benefit small companies, not just large corporations.

“Sustainability is an integral part of a successful business strategy. The capability to adapt to the changing demands of clients and to reduce risks and costs are good business and characteristics of responsible corporations. We help our clients – small and large – to take a tailored journey to sustainable business that generates measurable benefits. This article underscores how also small enterprises can make significant business improvements through corporate responsibility,” says Pasi Rinne, Chairman of the Board at Gaia.

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