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Susformation requires a wide range of new skills – Gaia and Aalto EE have started a collaboration

Susformation is the biggest opportunity for businesses this decade. It is an active transformation effort at the core of the organisation that will make business more sustainable and solve some of the vastest challenges facing our society. It enables pioneering organisations to create products, services, and business models that enable sustainable growth. Its implementation will require a wide range of new skills, which is why Gaia Consulting and Aalto Executive Education are launching a collaboration to expand the scope of susformation expertise in organisations.  

Susformation, a combination of the words sustainability and transformation, describes the change that organisations and society as a whole need to make to ensure the green transition and to prevent climate change and biodiversity loss. This transformation requires organisations to think differently, adopt new business models and evolve their core business. To achieve this, organisations also need to broaden and deepen their sustainability knowledge, especially from a climate, biodiversity, energy, circular economy, and regulatory perspective.  

“For more than 30 years, Gaia has been helping organisations to drive the green transition and business sustainability transformation.  We see that as regulation becomes tighter and the sustainability field becomes more demanding, there is a great need for organisations to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of these issues,” says Laura Ylimäki, Manager at Gaia responsible for the new collaboration with Aalto EE. “As consultants, we support our clients and provide new knowledge on a daily basis. We have noticed that there is also a clear need for internal development and knowledge enhancement within organisations. Partnering with Aalto EE is a great way to offer a new kind of service to our clients in collaboration with a world-class training provider.” 

“Sustainability and sustainable development has been part of Aalto EE’s training services for twenty years and is also one of the focus areas of Aalto University’s research and teaching. We offer our clients impactful training and learning services to advance the green transition, and the cooperation with Gaia Consulting is one step on this path,” says Mari Rauhala, Business Development Director, Aalto EE. 

The first step of the cooperation was a free webinar “Building Competences for Sustainable Transformation” in February 2024, which was aimed especially at business leaders, public policy makers and anyone else interested in the topic.  

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