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Six new sustainability makers join Gaia

Early 2021 continued fast-paced as Gaia’s team was joined by a number of new sustainability experts.

Gaia’s group of experts grew yet again as a total of six new consultants recently joined the team: Pentti Linnamaa, Heli Hytönen, Kaisa Järvinen, Jasmin Järvinen, Suvi Peltoniemi and Emma Kuusela-Opas. They bring wide-ranging, international and multidisciplinary expertise to Gaia’s team, providing an increased range of sustainability services for Gaia’s customers in the fields of emissions accounting, bioeconomy, strategy consulting, food sector sustainability, climate solutions, environmental legislation, and policy.

Pentti Linnamaa strengthens Gaia’s expertise in the agricultural and forestry sector, especially from the perspective of international decision-making and agricultural and forestry policy. Prior to Gaia, he worked among agricultural and forestry policy in both the public and third sectors. Pentti’s core competencies include various aspects of EU legislation on renewable resources, as well as the incentive policy related to the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Pentti is currently intrigued by decision-making and regulation related to the utilization of natural resources, as well as the opportunities for new innovations in the biocircular economy as an enabler of sustainable development.

Heli Hytönen is an experienced management consultant, and a marketing pro. She is a combination of a strategy consultant, brand builder, sales developer, and a forester. Throughout her career, Heli has helped a wide range of clients with transformative business strategies and to create impressive brands. Heli is eager to take on new challenges. Her main goal is to develop sustainable business and create profitable growth.

Kaisa Järvinen complements Gaia’s team of experts specializing in life cycle assessment and emissions calculation. In addition, Kaisa brings expertise to Gaia especially in the field of environmental technology, maritime sustainability, and maritime-related environmental legislation. Kaisa’s aspiration is to help emission-intensive sectors, such as the transport, food and energy sectors, and find the best solutions to minimize their environmental impacts.

Jasmin Järvinen brings in her expertise in sustainable business, especially in corporate environmental responsibility. Thanks to her sector-cutting experience, Jasmin possesses diverse expertise in climate-related issues, sustainable development, food industry, and circular economy. Jasmin finds it meaningful to solve global sustainability challenges in broad collaboration, as well as to support several organizations on sustainability issues to maximize positive societal impact.

Suvi Peltoniemi brings a fresh strategic perspective on sustainable business development to Gaia. She is currently conducting her master’s degree at Aalto University. Before joining Gaia, Suvi deepened her expertise in collaboration processes, humanitarian issues, and international climate innovations. Suvi has a great desire to make an impact, especially through international projects, and thereby help make the world a better place.

Emma Kuusela-Opas is Gaia’s intern during May and June. She is currently studying environmental law and possesses in-depth knowledge in European law. Emma is particularly fascinated by working at the interface of environmental legislation and policy and environmental questions. She is also interested in various sustainability reporting and certification systems. In the upcoming autumn, Emma will continue on to a master’s program in environmental law co-organized by three Nordic universities.

“Despite the pandemic, megatrends, such as climate change, are not disappearing from the business agenda – quite contrary. Change-makers are needed, and I am glad that with this new expertise we can better meet the ever-growing needs of our customers”, states CEO Ulla Heinonen.

“In a complex world dominated by wicked problems, sustainable business must be approached from different perspectives, utilizing multidisciplinary expertise. What makes Gaia special is its diverse group of experts whose skills complement each other”, Ulla continues.